How to Update Drivers on Windows 11

Offers drivers updates for external devices such as mouse, printer, webcam, etc. After the scan is completed, the tool will present you with a list of all the missing, outdated, and faulty drivers. Windows Update provides an easy way for you to get the latest Windows drivers for your Windows PC. It’s fast and convenient. Get Windows Update drivers easily, download them, and make sure that they are well-maintained for optimal performance of your Windows-based computer system. Drivers are an understated part of the computer system.

  • For example, to use the Intel Update Assistant, you must install a compatible web browser.
  • And since graphics card cooling fans are designed to work at a higher speed when the card is under load, you’ll start hearing fan noises like when you’re playing games.
  • Keeping your Windows drivers updated is crucial, and the above software can take are of this easily.

Intel iGPU drivers shouldn’t cause any conflicts between AMD or NVIDIA drivers. However, having assets of AMD drivers installed on an NVIDIA system, or vice versa can cause issues. On the right side you’ll see a drop down box that allows you to select what GPU drivers you want to remove. This will take you to a window where you can browse for the downloaded driver.

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This software currently costs just $14.98 for a one-year subscription. If you’d rather not do this manually, there is software you can purchase to help. For example, Iolo System Mechanic will detect and remove junk files in real time so you don’t have to worry about them. Here, you can select the types of files you want to get rid of and click OK. Then click Clean up system files and choose any system files you want to remove.

The limitations inflicted can be pushed to the side if you perform a full system update before installing DriverMax. This will allow you to spread incoming updates over a long period. Before Driver Booster begins updating outdated drivers, it sends a warning if it comes across any security conflicts. It lets you know ahead of time if you might face any network problems and program crashes while drivers are updating. While the repair work continues in the background, some updated drivers may require a reboot afterward.

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Next run the system file checker utility command sfc /scannow, this command scans for all the system files in Windows, including protected files. And if finds any corrupted system files in Windows, it will replace those damaged files using a cached copy. First, run the DISM command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth, This command scans the core files of your operating system to check for misbehaving files and try to repair them. Download the Windows version for your PC from the Downloads page and install it on your host gaming PC. Some corporate or public WiFi networks block streaming applications like Moonlight. If that happens, you may have success with the ZeroTier setup steps below.

How To Uninstall the Card Printer Driver For Retransfer Printers

Once downloaded, double click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Right-click on the audio driver (e.g. NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device ) and select Uninstall device, as shown. Run thedownloaded .exe fileto install the drivers. If you uninstall a driver that manages a core part of the computer, such as the CPU, you may end up crashing your computer or making it unusable.

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